Curtis Green Initiatives

At the Wilbur Curtis Company, environmental responsibility is not a task but rather a passion. We believe that “Going Green” reaches much deeper than political correctness and marketing spin. Being environmentally responsible has long been entrenched in the culture of the Wilbur Curtis Company and with over 70 years in business Curtis has a long history of taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint
Because environmental responsibility is a passion of ours it permeates our entire business operation from manufacturing and warehouse improvements to everyday office practices. We truly live the principal of the 3R’s: Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. Below is a sampling of the many ways we live out our commitment to sustainability.

    • Energy consumption is reduced by replacement of fluorescent lighting with light diffusing skylights, as well as motion sensors with auto-off settings for office and factory lighting.
    • Paper waste is reduced by electronic filing and paperless departments.
    • Water consumption is reduced with the installation of waterless urinals, which conserve an average of 40,000 gallons of water per year, per urinal.
    • All product boxes are made with 100% Post-Consumer corrugated material and printed with soy-based inks.
    • Reuse of numerous inbound packaging materials for outbound shipments including air filled bags, Styrofoam packaging and cardboard corner guards.
    • Recycling of all scrap metal that cannot be used in our manufacturing.
    • Implementation of a universal waste program for disposal of items such as batteries.
Curtis has also made valiant efforts outside of the three R’s to propell the green initiative within our products.
  • Using an environmentally friendly vegetable based oil for machine maintenance.
  • Insulated tanks retain heat better and also provide for a quicker recovery.
  • Digital heat sensors are used that are more accurate and do not overshoot the desired temperature.
  • Energy save mode puts the brewer in a low state of energy consumption.
  • Components are AC powered as opposed to DC powered, which requires an energy consuming power supply.
Curtis has formed an environmental “green” team of Curtis employees. The team was put together to implement, monitor and control the sustainable efforts happening in the warehouse and offices. With a team dedicated to sustainable issues, we believe that Curtis will maintain its efficiencies and continue to find ways to reduce its impact on the environment
As Curtis continues to innovate and grow, we are always looking for ways to incorporate more environmentally friendly strategies and ideas into our production and everyday business practices. Conserving energy, reducing waste and becoming more efficient are all taken into consideration when observing the future of our company and its relationship with the environment.