Consistently Serve Highly Profitable Specialty Slushie Drinks
Easy to use and easy to clean, the Curtis Chill-X Frozen Beverage Machine helps operators get profitable specialty drinks down cold.
  • Sleek and versatile— with zero clearance side-to-side, Chill-X looks great, works hard, and slips easily into any counterspace.
  • Large three-gallon bowl capacity.
  • Self-refill function saves operators significant time and labor.
  • Digital temperature controls expand offerings to include delicious dairy-based drinks.
  • Standby mode keeps product fresh overnight.
  • Built-in defrost cycle eliminates downtime during the rush and saves energy when the dispenser isn’t needed.

NEW! Digital Temperature Display

Perfect for slushies and frozen dairy offerings, the Curtis Frozen Beverage Machine now features an innovative digital display that indicates temperature of the beverage.
Digital Temperature Display


Perfect for Slushies and Frozen Dairy Offerings
Ergonomically designed to easily dispense beverages.
Corrosion-resistant stainless steel panels.
3.0 gallon bowls merchandise popular frozen beverages, cappuccinos and fruit flavor.
Can be set to freeze product at a specific time.
Popular and profitable beverages.
Get the most out of your Frozen Beverage Machine.
With safety lock system.
No tools required.

Frozen Beverage Machine


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