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Go for the GOLD in coffee brewing…

When it's time to come in FIRST, Curtis knows just how to get you there. The Gemini® IntelliFresh®(IF) System combines the best of the Curtis ground breaking G3 or the state-of-the-art G4 digital control systems with the industry's flagship brewer.

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START with
the right stuff

The IF control system utilizes the Curtis G4 Digital UCM which has advanced features such as on-board diagnostics and USB recipe interface is also available. It also alerts the operator of any system failure or when the machine is in need of preventive maintenance. It's the right way to go!

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LOCK in Freshness

The IF system also has several features that make up the passionate package that is the GEM IF such as plastic brew cone that is dishwasher safe with no wire basket to lose. Unlike metal, plastic does not act as a heat sink when brewing. Even if the satellite is moved to a remote location a Freshness Timer "Locks In" settings which are maintained until the next brewing cycle and an auto adjusting satellite temperature control sends gentle pulses of heat to the satellite to maintain temperature for perfect holding. No more burnt coffee! The processor inside the satellite server is completely encapsulated, protecting it from steam, water, heat and impact. It's what's on the inside that counts!

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Begin with the GOLD in mind

Achieve SCAA's "Golden Cup" standards with precise control over crucial variables that result in brewing a true SCAA benchmark, Golden Cup of coffee. G4 allows operators to dial in all aspects of brewing: time, temperature and volume, plus specialty coffee needs from pre-infusion to pulse-brewing and water bypass. The Gold Cup Series gives premium coffee the credibility it deserves, and provides consumers with the ultimate coffee experience. No Gold no Glory!

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it's all about communication

The Curtis IntelliFresh® system is patented technology that allows the brewer to communicate with the satellite servers in order to monitor holding time and temperature, resulting in the freshest possible cup of coffee. These perceptive servers remember settings at the brewer and at any remote serving location as well. Smart is the new streamlined!

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Gemini® Twin brewer
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