Gemini IntelliFresh Satellite Server
One-Touch Freshness – With just one touch of the brew button, the patented technology of the Gemini IntelliFresh locks in and remembers freshness settings throughout the dispensing cycle.
Pulse Brewing – Developed to simplify brewing and serving high volumes of fresh coffee at the perfect temperature, IntelliFresh envelopes the satellite servers with gentle heat throughout the dispensing cycle.


Brewing technology at your fingertips.
G4 Technology
Powerful digital controls and ultimate programming flexibility. Accelerated design and functionality are featured through an intuitive touch screen and icon-driven interface that provides users with training, programming options and seamless operation. Quick navigation to temperature, timers, preinfusion, pulsing and more allow for finely tuned, exacting programing. Built-in self diagnostics provide preventive maintenance reminders to ensure consistent and reliable performance.


Consistency, Gold Cup Quality and Precision
Fits any operation
• C-Stores • Specialty Coffee Operations • Quick Serve Restaurants • Fine Dining • Hotels • And more
satellite coffee server
Uses pulse heating to produce a gentle warming effect and extends the coffee quality for hours.
remote coffee serving stand
Communicates with brewer to maintain original settings to preserve coffee’s freshness and flavor. Re-sets with each brew.
high volume brew basket
Features inner strakes for improved balance and extraction of coffee grounds. Plastic does not absorb heat, allowing the water to maintain the perfect temperature.
advanced flow sprayhead
“Shoulder” design prevents lime particles from impeding water flow. Advanced plastic material provides easy cleaning.
Gemini changed coffee service decades ago delivering quality coffee with bottle brewer speed. It's still the industry's flagship satellite brewer with IF, G4 technology.
gold cup coffee series
Offers programmable time, temperature, volume, pre-infusion and pulse-brewing to meet the SCA Golden Cup standard
usb port
USB Port makes updating firmware and loading new recipes fast and easy.

Keep it Fresh

with Gemini IntelliFresh


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