Remove all barriers between you and your customer.

By lending a touch of “coffee theater,” the Seraphim can bring in customers that want something delicious to drink—plus something fascinating to see.
With its sleek, minimalist footprint, incomparable features, plus powerful, innovative features, the Curtis Seraphim® combines the art and science of batch-brewing and gives new meaning to the term “great performance”.
White Seraphim


Brewing precision at your fingertips.
G4 Technology
Powerful digital controls and ultimate programming flexibility. Accelerated design and functionality are featured through an intuitive touch screen and icon-driven interface that provides users with training, programming options and seamless operation. Quick navigation to temperature, timers, preinfusion, pulsing and more allow for finely tuned, exacting programing. Built-in self diagnostics provide preventive maintenance reminders to ensure consistent and reliable performance.


Front Row Center Coffee Brewing
Installed below the counter to leave room for specialty coffee tools.
Commands attention and attracts customers.
Meets SCA Golden Cup Standards.
Provides optimum extraction.
Stable environment eliminates low pressure pockets.
Chemex, Kalita, V60, Bee Dripper and more!
Get the most out of your brewer.
Flat Black and Pearl White.


Seraphim Marketing Collateral


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