Perfect single-serve coffee at its absolute freshest.

The Curtis Genesis utilizes a pressure brewing method similar to espresso. Whole beans are ground coarsely, channeled into a brewing mechanism and lightly tamped. Under pressure, hot water evenly extracts flavor and oils consistently for each cup. Upon pressure extraction, perfectly brewed coffee is dispensed into a single-serve cup. Foam is created as the coffee leaves the pressurized system. That’s why we say foam is fresh!

Traditional batch brewing is strictly reliant on the operator to maintain the machine and brew coffee throughout the day. For optimum freshness and taste, the staff needs to ensure coffee is rotated every couple of hours. Any unsold coffee should be disposed of and a new batch brewed. This process can quickly eat up profits as it’s very labor dependent and can be wasteful depending on the daypart.

It’s time for a new way of brewing. The Curtis Genesis delivers absolute freshness with minimized waste and lower labor costs. It’s the best solution in every cup.


The Curtis Genesis represents the new era of Curtis machines in a long line of coffee excellence. This brand-new, fully automated bean-to-cup brewing system creates the freshest coffee on demand, powered by our signature, innovative technology.

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Genesis Line Up
The Genesis is the first purpose-built, automated, bean-to-cup machine from Curtis designed exclusively around pressure brewed coffee. It’s the first collaboration of SEB PROFESSIONAL North America company's three premium brands: WMF, Schaerer and Curtis.
The Genesis is enhanced with signature Schaerer and WMF features such as Telemetry, flexibility and bean-to-cup performance. Along with these benefits, Curtis brings an 80-year reputation for intuitive operation, user-friendly technology and efficiency to the new Genesis bean-to-cup brewer.


Quality and Consistency

Concealed On/Off Button

Provides control over operation and minimizes user errors.

30 Gram Brewing Chamber

Dual Hoppers

Each hopper holds 2.2 lbs of whole coffee beans for up to 70 single-serve cups.


Precision Grinders

Maintain precise grind degree, quality and quantity.

Quality and Consistency

Dual Spouts

Dispensing and hot water spout with 8” clearance to accommodate 24 oz cups and 64 oz carafes.

Quality and Consistency

Drip Tray Indicator

Drip tray is plumbed to a drain to eliminate unsightly messes or spills.

Quality and Consistency

Used Grounds Drawer

This is where the used coffee ground pucks are stored when brew is completed.

Quality and Consistency

Through the Counter Option

Optional under counter kit allows grounds to flow through the counter into a trash bin.


Simple Cleaning

Insert cleaning tablet in access door in between hoppers when running a cleaning cycle.


With the touch of a button, the Curtis Genesis delivers perfect bean-to-cup coffee. As it creates made-to-order beverages, Genesis is always working to conserve water, eliminate waste and reduce labor costs. It features the most environmentally friendly technology in the industry and delivers high-quality coffee that’s gentle on the planet, and designed just for you.

Reduce Coffee Waste.

Using our machine, you can expect 30% less coffee waste. The Curtis Genesis grinds exactly the amount of coffee needed per cup. This means no throwing away cold carafe coffee because it wasn’t consumed on time.

Reduce Water Usage.

The Curtis Genesis uses just the amount of water necessary for a single, perfect cup of coffee. As each cup is brewed to order, water is not wasted by brewing larger volumes of coffee. Compared with batch brewing, the Genesis saves operators up to 2,000 gallons of water per year.

Reduce Electricity.

The Curtis Genesis uses the exact amount of electricity that’s needed for one cup, which saves you approximately 725 kilowatt hours of electricity each year. To put that number in perspective, it’s approximately the average household energy use for televisions over the span of an entire year.

Reduce Labor.

Using the Curtis Genesis will save about eight to 10 hours per week in labor for store associates. Because you can preset recipes and create made-to-order beverages with the touch of a button, you’ll save time and labor cost while increasing overall productivity and profitability.

Reduce CO2.

A bean-to-cup brewer will have 718 lbs of CO2 per year when compared with standard batch brewer coffee machines. This is equal to the CO2 emissions from charging 39,656 cell phones.

Reduce Plastic Waste.

It has been estimated by researchers that the amount of pods dumped in landfills in 2014 could circle the Earth more than 14 times (and pod usage has only grown in the years since). With our bean-to-cup solution, the Curtis Genesis, you save on plastic, and help save the Earth.


Curtis is focused on solutions and creating a long-term partnership that enhances your experience with our products. When you succeed, we succeed. From installation, support, and sharp customer insights to the ease of limited-time coffee programs and recipe development, we provide a full-service experience when you partner with us. In addition to customized collaboration, we also provide the very best quality, precision and flavor. Our brewing system ensures YOUR place will be THE place for the freshest coffee in town.
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