Sustainability and Social Responsibility

We care about the environment, people, animals, coffee, and our community.

Because environmental responsibility is a passion of ours it permeates our entire business operation from manufacturing and warehouse improvements to everyday office practices. We truly live the principal of the 3R’s: Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. We recently installed 3,400 solar panels on our facility roof in California to reduce our carbon footprint.

Environmental Benefits

As Curtis continues to innovate and grow, we are always looking for ways to incorporate more environmentally friendly strategies and ideas into our production and everyday business practices. Conserving energy, reducing waste and becoming more efficient are all taken into consideration when observing the future of our company and its relationship with the environment.

Curtis is a proud supporter of World Coffee Research. The world's supply of high quality coffee is urgently threatened. So are the livelihoods of coffee farmers. We can solve these complex problems through collaborative research and development. Please visit for more information.