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Cappuccino Dispensers

Rich in design, features and profits, Curtis Cappuccino Machines blend technology with simplicity to deliver delicious drinks cup after cup. Innovative features add convenient and trouble-free operation to these cappuccino dispensers. Designed with smooth, Euro-styled lines and an oversized backlit display each powered drink dispenser inspire impulse sales throughout the day.


5 Station Primo Cappuccino with 3-5 lb & 2-10 lb Hoppers

Model: PCGT5DV


6 Station Primo Cappuccino with Inside Door Display and 2-3 lb, 3-5 lb & 1-10 lb Hoppers

Model: PCGT6


6 Station Primo Cappuccino with Lift Door and 2-3 lb, 3-5 lb & 1-10 lb Hopper

Model: PCGT6300