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Tea Brewers

Curtis iced tea brewers have long been an industry benchmark. Featuring ingenious design, units help c-stores, restaurants and other foodservice operators save time, increase efficiency and improve profitability. Models come in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet any need. Customers can also select from a selection of stainless steel iced tea dispensers in many sizes and shapes.


G4 Sweet Tea Brewer with Rotating Brew Basket

Model: G4RSTB


G4 Tea Brewer with Rotating Basket Tea

Model: G4RTB


G4 Sweet Tea Brewer

Model: G4STB


G4 Polaris Low Profile Tea Brewer with TCO308 Dispenser

Model: G4TBP


G4 1.5-3.5 Gal. Low ProfileTea Brewer

Model: G4TBS