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When You’re Working from Home, Make Home Work for You

Working from Home Tips

When you’re working from home, make home work for you. Follow the tips below to enhance your productivity and experience when working from home.

WiFi Tips

Speeding up your WiFi... for Free.

Having a strong and dependable wi-fi connection has never been so important to those working from home either by choice or because of state guidelines. We found some information that might provide a few ways to speed up your service and ensure a consistent connection. Check out this recent Design Taxi article here for some tips to boost your home wi-fi.

Speed Up Your WiFi Tips

Manage Your Time

Manage Your Time.

Working remotely from home takes some adjustment so it’s important to take some “time” to think about how to manage your “time”. It’s not just a tool for productivity, time is our most valuable resource. We’re sharing some good tips from Forbes.com for getting a handle on works best for you.

Forbes.com Time Management Tips

Your Workspace is Important.

Your Workspace is Important.

With a quiet, dedicated workspace and some strategic habits, working remotely from home will help you stay productive and adapt to your new office. Establishing a space that works for you will play a major role in a successful transition. Check out this recent article from Entrepreneur.com

Workspace Tips from Entrepreneur.com

The Home Stretch.

The Home Stretch.

Working from home can mean less getting up and walking around with more sitting all day. To counteract this, remember to incorporate some stretching or a quick walk which will help with productivity and make you feel better. Find something that’s right for you and make time for it into your day. You'll find some interesting ideas here.

Stretching Tips

Online Resources – Available Information

NCA Covid-19 Resource Center

The National Coffee Association's COVID-19 Resource Center provides a wealth of information for roasters, manufacturers and retailers who have been affected during this challenging time. Need resources on supply chain disruptions? Want to better understand how the global coffee market is being impacted? The NCA is gathering data that is available to you 24/7.

Visit NCA Website

Curtis Online Support

Curtis Online Support

Need to access product information, user guides, warranty lookup or other tools on Curtis equipment? All of these materials are available to you now. As a reminder, our website features a wide variety of online resources to assist you 24/7. Explore the many areas that can always be of assistance to you.

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Take Time to Learn

Curtis Online Video Library

Even though states are beginning to open up, many of you are still following “stay at home” recommendations or working from home. Taking a bit of time to learn more about Curtis equipment will be beneficial when your business gets back up and running.

Curtis Video Library

Online Video Library

We offer over 60 training, operational and cleaning videos on Curtis equipment. Visit our Vimeo and YouTube channels 24/7.

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Need Curtis Parts Quickly?

Curtis Parts on Partstown

Use the Curtis Parts portal on wilburcurtis.com to lookup needed parts for any piece of Curtis equipment and then, find them quickly and easily from Parts Town. Curtis is announcing a new partnership with Parts Town to make parts more immediately available to our service network and customers during this challenging time.

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We are Open for Business

Curtis continues to monitor the manufacturing guidelines for the state of California so we can do everything we can to assist our customers with solutions as the situation evolves. We are maintaining strict safety procedures and incorporating personal protective equipment to keep our associates safe. Know that we are open for business and available to take your orders. Contact us. We’re here to help.

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Coronavirus, Coffee and Community

When the first draft of this blog started, it was the middle of January, and things looked a lot different. In some ways, the Orange County US Coffee Championship feels like it happened a year ago. With updates of COVID-19 coming weekly, daily, and then almost hourly, this blog morphed into something different than just a fun recap.

You see, the thing that the Glitter Cat team does exceptionally well is encourage all participants to be exactly who they are: stand in front of a crowd and judges, present their work, and their own story. Their stories are all unique, heartfelt, and engaging.

All of a sudden, I was no longer attending an event about coffee competitions but about people. Individuals who have poured out their hearts and souls into these presentations, overcame financial hardships to compete and fought against inequality at their workplace and in their very own community.

When COVID-19 began to take root in the U.S. and grip the specialty coffee community, many of those stories came to mind. I started to these competitors cafes close down, baristas let go, and entire industry work towards just making it through one more day. As things got worse, another thing appeared; A wave of community and creativity flooded my Instagram feed. Digital tip jars, curbside and hospital deliveries, “Barista Relief” blends, petitions, and Coffee Grams delivered to your door – a wave of hope to keep the coffee community alive.

That’s what USCC and the Glitter Cat Bootcamps are about. While initially, they are about excelling in your professional coffee career, they are also about being seen. They are about bringing everything you are to the stage, sharing your name and allowing people in. Letting people in (metaphorically, of course, social distancing is real!) in this season is how we are going to make it.

Order curbside, sign a petition, send someone a Coffee Gram, and stay home, so we can all see each other again when the final act of USCC 2020 has been scheduled.

Curtis is proud to be a sponsor of both. U.S. Coffee Championships and Glitter Cat Bootcamps.
Images courtesy of Paige Elizabeth Hicks Creative

Specialty Coffee Brewing Journey: Glitter Cat Brewer Bootcamp - Peace

specialty coffee sponsorship glitter cat brewers bootcamp peace

Kansas City may be known for its BBQ, Jazz, and a professional football league that's headed to this year's Superbowl. Still, for a weekend in November, it was home to the Glitter Cat Brewer's Bootcamp and Curtis sponsor recipient – Peace. We took a moment to catch up with her after training had finished. Here is what we learned.

For Peace, it all started at Stumptown with a fascination with latte art. Management had a different plan and thought by placing her to work the brew bar, she could better understand the coffee. And she did. Peace began to slowly fall in love with the art of brewing.

You can tell she loves what she does. When we asked her what her favorite coffee was, she said it was the one she tasted at her first-time cupping with her manager – the Nano Challa Ethiopian. As Peace describes this first tasting, her passion for coffee is oozing. In detail, she explains that this cup has a super floral, citrusy taste without it burning your nose. She comments, "It's almost like that moment you open a bag of Starbursts. Berry tea. I can still remember exactly how it tastes."

Peace wasn't always on this path, and that's a big reason why Peace applied to Glitter Cat. She wanted to prove to her family that coffee could be a professional career. Her family long had the expectation that she would go into forensic psychology, but she was determined to show them that coffee could be a profession. Glitter Cat has helped renew her passion and provide a way for her to prove herself.

Later in December in Sumner, Washington, we would hear this story again as Peace took the stage at the US Coffee Championships. Peace not only brought a professional presentation, but she brought the heart of why she was there. By the end, everyone was crying and giving her a standing ovation. We all want to be seen. We all to be heard, and most of all, we want to be recognized that what we do matters.

When the results came, Peace just missed the cut off for Nationals. We were disappointed but so proud of what she had accomplished. We gave our hugs goodbye and said we looked forward to seeing where she goes next. We knew that regardless of how this turned out that Peace had big things ahead of her.

And we weren't wrong. Just over a month after Peace's competition in Sumner, she received an email that she had an opportunity to go to Nationals! She was next in line in case anyone above her couldn't participate. This is our official congratulations to Peace. You are headed nationals!

It's been a long journey for Peace, but she hopes to save her money, go back to Thailand and open a coffee shop and open up the coffee experience.

Her favorite brewing methods are the Kalita Wave and the Bee House. Personal shout out: Coffee Project Coffee Hero: Chad Wang Photos by @heytayphoto

Glitter Cat Roasters Bootcamp - Carlos

Carlos at the Glitter Cat Roasters Bootcamp sponsored by Curtis Commercial Brewing Systems

It was October and Minnesota was in full fall bloom when we landed at the first of Glitter Cat Bootcamps - Roasters. We took the opportunity to meet up with Carlos before he got into the training.

Carlos grew up in Jacksonville, Florida with his mom and had minimal resources, but there was always coffee and gospel music. That's how his mom would start the day and it's where his coffee journey began. While in college in 2008, Carlos realized the benefits of coffee after his first sip of bottled Starbucks.

But his love of coffee would take a little longer to brew. In 2016, he was hired as a manager/head-roaster and it was then that coffee took on a new meaning. "Coffee is like music, it's universal," Carlos said. "It's a catalyst for relationships. I came out of my office and looked around and saw a college student, a homeless person, low income, soccer moms doing homeschool and I was like 'Woah, there is something here.'"

Since then Carlos, his wife, and two children (with another one on the way!) have done everything possible to make the coffee dream come alive. They started Happy Home Roasters, they are working towards moving to Hawaii to start a brick and mortar operation and most importantly, Carlos took a chance and applied for Glitter Cat.

Amid the morning coffee rush, Carlos found out he was accepted into the program and he was overwhelmed. It has been hard for him to tap into the industry, but Glitter Cat has given him an opportunity he didn't think he had. Carlos wants to give other people of color hope that they have a place in this industry.

And you are, Carlos. Thank you for sharing your story!

Find out more about Happy Home Roasters.

Carlos uses a Simonelli Espresso Oscar II, Baratza Grinder and at the Glitter Cat Bootcamp used a Mill City Roaster.

His favorite right now: OATLY!

He did an original rap for his Glitter Cat Audition.

Meet the Perfect 7 at Host Milano

Curtis elevates beverage programs in any foodservice operation. Here are some of the stars we’ll be showing at the HOST Milan show…

HOST Milan is around the corner and Curtis will be there! HOST “…stands out for its unique exhibition concept that combines vertical specializations…” and it continues to be a way to stay top of trends and find relevant partnerships for the hospitality industry.

Be sure to see the entire collection of Curtis coffee and tea brewing equipment:

Curtis Alpha Decanter Brewer


Decanter Brewer

The Curtis Alpha is perfect for busy cafés that offer bottomless coffee refills. Equipped with a warmer and a design that distinguishes between decaf and regular coffee, your servers can help you stay on top of your customers’ needs.

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Curtis Combo Brewer

Combo Brewer

Tea and Coffee Brewer

Curtis Combo Brewers are perfect for operations that want to offer a variety of beverages but have minimal counter space. Brew hot coffee, iced coffee or iced tea from the same unit with ease. The Combo Brewer takes up minimal space and allows for a clean/minimalistic countertop aesthetic that entices consumers.

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Curtis D500 Airpot Brewer


The Curtis G3 Airpot System PLUS your gourmet roast provides luxurious flavor with brewing simplicity…every time.

The Curtis D500 will improve coffee programs of any size. Paired with our airpot dispenser, your coffee will stay fresh and ready-to-serve to customers who love their coffee!

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Curtis GemX Brewer


IntelliFresh Coffee Brewing System with FreshTrac

Curtis is proud to bring the GemX line to HOST. The GemX coffee brewer with IntelliFresh and FreshTrac helps operators brew a batch of coffee and track its freshness no matter where it’s merchandised. Our GemX series features an elegant, sleek design so it looks great on any countertop.

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Curtis Water Tower

G3 Hot Water Towers

Hot Water Dispenser with Aeration

Curtis Water Towers have a sleek narrow design that fits in most spaces. Don’t waste time checking water levels and setting temperatures, as this machine comes ready-to-use out of the box.

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Curtis CGC


Curtis Gold Cup Brewer

Part of the Curtis line of single cup brewers, the CGC brings the craft of specialty coffee brewing to any restaurant. The CGC brews to SCA “Golden Cup” standards and gives operators precise control over crucial brewing variables. Powerful G4 digital controls offer an instinctive touch screen and icon-driven interface. A standard USB port allows for convenient firmware updates and recipe sharing/programming.

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Curtis ThermoPro Brewer


Easy Gourmet Brewing

A customer favorite, the ThermoPro Coffee Brewer is designed with you and your customers in mind. Whether you have a self-serve coffee bar or a “to-go” coffee area of your restaurant, the ThermoPro is for you. Stainless-steel, vacuum-insulated ThermoPro servers are ready to provide fresh, delicious coffee no matter where you merchandise them.

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Come check this line up out and more at booth #G-37!