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Tea and Coffee Combo Brewers

The Curtis Combo Brewer skillfully combines a gourmet coffee brewer and iced tea brewer into one efficient unit, saving valuable counter space for any foodservice operation. Perfect for batch brew coffee and gallons of clear fresh tea, the Combo Brewer is available with G4 technology or a G3 universal control module and in a variety of configurations.


Combo Tea/Coffee Brewer with Adjustable Shelf

Model: CB


Single Hi-Volume Combo Brewer

Model: CBHS


Single Hi-Volume Combo with No Iced Coffee

Model: CBHS67000-001


Twin Hi-Volume Combo Brewer

Model: CBHT


Twin Hi-Volume Combo with No Iced Coffee

Model: CBHT17000-001


Combo Polaris Low Profile Brewer with TCO308 Dispenser

Model: CBP