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How to Cold Brew with Curtis

Video: How to Cold Brew

It's easy to make refreshing cold brew coffee using the Curtis TC-6HK or TC-7HK Cold Brew Coffee System. The kit includes everything you need to brew this delicious customer favorite. Cold brew coffee extraction creates a perfectly balanced coffee concentrate that can be served over ice or even heated. Check out the video below on how to brew iced coffee with the Curtis Cold Brew Coffee System.

Coronavirus, Coffee and Community

When the first draft of this blog started, it was the middle of January, and things looked a lot different. In some ways, the Orange County US Coffee Championship feels like it happened a year ago. With updates of COVID-19 coming weekly, daily, and then almost hourly, this blog morphed into something different than just a fun recap.

specialty coffee sponsorship glitter cat brewers bootcamp peace

Specialty Coffee Brewing Journey: Glitter Cat Brewer Bootcamp - Peace

Kansas City may be known for its BBQ, Jazz, and a professional football league that's headed to this year's Superbowl. Still, for a weekend in November, it was home to the Glitter Cat Brewer's Bootcamp and Curtis sponsor recipient – Peace. We took a moment to catch up with her after training had finished. Here is what we learned.

Carlos at the Glitter Cat Roasters Bootcamp sponsored by Curtis Commercial Brewing Systems

Glitter Cat Roasters Bootcamp - Carlos

It was October and Minnesota was in full fall bloom when we landed at the first of Glitter Cat Bootcamps - Roasters. We took the opportunity to meet up with Carlos before he got into the training.


Mill City Roasters

The Big Red Roaster Rig from Mill City Roasters showed up at CoffeeFest Los Angeles.

Curtis had the honor of checking it out.


See What's Brewing at Curtis - CoffeeFest Los Angeles

Looking to spot the latest equipment from Curtis and be in the know on some of the most popular trends in coffee? Join us at CoffeeFest in downtown Los Angeles, August 25th through the 27th.


Join Curtis at the Barista League: Los Angeles

Headed to CoffeeFest this weekend? Join Curtis and an amazing group of competitors at The Barista League: Los Angeles. Kicking off the CoffeeFest weekend with top-of-the-line equipment, beer, food and “a night of coffee competition” you won’t soon forget.

Make sure to give @thebaristaleague a follow and come hang out.