Carlos at the Glitter Cat Roasters Bootcamp sponsored by Curtis Commercial Brewing Systems

Glitter Cat Roasters Bootcamp - Carlos


It was October and Minnesota was in full fall bloom when we landed at the first of Glitter Cat Bootcamps - Roasters. We took the opportunity to meet up with Carlos before he got into the training.

Carlos grew up in Jacksonville, Florida with his mom and had minimal resources, but there was always coffee and gospel music. That's how his mom would start the day and it's where his coffee journey began. While in college in 2008, Carlos realized the benefits of coffee after his first sip of bottled Starbucks.

But his love of coffee would take a little longer to brew. In 2016, he was hired as a manager/head-roaster and it was then that coffee took on a new meaning. "Coffee is like music, it's universal," Carlos said. "It's a catalyst for relationships. I came out of my office and looked around and saw a college student, a homeless person, low income, soccer moms doing homeschool and I was like 'Woah, there is something here.'"

Since then Carlos, his wife, and two children (with another one on the way!) have done everything possible to make the coffee dream come alive. They started Happy Home Roasters, they are working towards moving to Hawaii to start a brick and mortar operation and most importantly, Carlos took a chance and applied for Glitter Cat.

Amid the morning coffee rush, Carlos found out he was accepted into the program and he was overwhelmed. It has been hard for him to tap into the industry, but Glitter Cat has given him an opportunity he didn't think he had. Carlos wants to give other people of color hope that they have a place in this industry.

And you are, Carlos. Thank you for sharing your story!

Find out more about Happy Home Roasters.

Carlos uses a Simonelli Espresso Oscar II, Baratza Grinder and at the Glitter Cat Bootcamp used a Mill City Roaster.

His favorite right now: OATLY!

He did an original rap for his Glitter Cat Audition.