Corinth Under Counter Hot Water Dispenser

Break Down Barriers with the New Corinth™ Under Counter Hot Water Dispenser


MONTEBELLO, CA. The popularity of hand-brewed coffees and teas is creating new opportunities for specialty beverage operations that see value in “coffee theater”— dazzling people with the artistry of creating delicious specialty hot drinks before their eyes. A leader in the foodservice industry for over 75 years, Wilbur Curtis is helping them capitalize on that trend with the release of Corinth™, an innovative under-counter hot water dispenser.

Conventional hot water dispensing systems depend on large structures that sit on the service counter, crowding out other pieces of equipment and creating an obstruction between customers and the server. Corinth is different. This next-generation hot water dispenser is designed with a minimal countertop footprint, which leaves plenty of room for kettles, brew rails and other hand-brew components. In this way, Corinth breaks down barriers but also helps build a flock of loyal, high-value customers looking for a great cup of coffee or tea with a dash of entertainment.

Because water temperature is so critical to the quality of many hot beverages, Corinth features an innovative internal pre-heat exchanger coil that ensures water will be at the right heat setting the instant it’s dispensed, with no lag time.

Featuring a unique shape and size, and available in Sky White and Lustrous Black, Corinth stands out with its sleek styling and adds visual interest to any service area. This eloquently designed unit offers a sophisticated three-button G3 Digital Control Module that provides tremendous consistency and accuracy. With just the tap of a finger, staff can draw perfect brew-temperature hot water in any increment from continuous flow to one-touch dispensing up in sizes up to 32 ounces.

The Corinth is just the latest offering from a company which has brought the world some of the most versatile coffee-making equipment, most notably the Seraphim® Under Counter Coffee Brewer, Gemini® IntelliFresh® Brewing Systems, plus the Curtis Gold Cup® Single Cup Coffee Brewer.