Curtis Makes a World of Difference with Robust, Long-Standing Green Initiatives


MONTEBELLO, CALIFORNIA – Individuals today tend to consider more than the quality of a company’s products and services before deciding to purchase. Rightfully so, they also want to understand how the firm is giving back and helping the environment. In short, they want to know the company’s green factor.

Fortunately, for restaurants, C-stores, high-volume hotels and other foodservice operators, the Wilbur Curtis Company’s green credentials are impeccable, with active, robust initiatives that have been in place across the organization for years.

A fully invested, top-down approach

For decades, Curtis has blended its passion for making great coffee with a devotion to environmental responsibility—in everything from their business operations to manufacturing and warehousing, down to simple, ordinary office procedures.

Of course, smart environmental practices begin with eco-smart personnel—starting right at the top. At Curtis, everyone from executives to shop-level associates live and work according to the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. What’s more, they field a fully-empowered Kaizen Green Team that actively looks for ways to continue reducing the company’s carbon footprint and make operations more efficient overall. Some their major green accomplishments include:

  • Use of reprocessed water reclamation in the production process
  • Widespread use of natural lighting and air conditioning to conserve energy
  • Minimal product packaging made from 100% post-consumer waste
  • The recent installation of 3,400 solar panels to save electricity at their California facility

Impressive outcomes

And these initiatives have achieved some truly amazing results. For example, over the years Curtis’s efforts have pre-empted 3,291,469 pounds of C02 emissions— equivalent to planting 83,164 trees; and they conserve enough energy to power 5,125,194 light bulbs for a day.

Curtis has discovered that what’s good for the environment is also good for business. “We’ve found that doing the right thing also makes us better at what we do,” says Michael Curtis, Executive Vice President. “That’s a big reason why carbon footprint reduction is a major factor in our future-state planning.”

With customers around the world, Curtis takes its role as citizen of the “global village” very seriously, and clearly intends to continue doing so.