New, Super-Stylish Curtis ThermoProX™ Brewer Makes a Great “Fresh Impression”


C-stores, hotels and restaurants know they need to keep a ready supply of hot, fresh and delicious coffee on hand to attract customers. But they also need to keep up appearances.

The new Curtis ThermoProX Brewing System addresses both those needs and more. It’s the latest in the line of innovative, style-forward products from one of the world’s leading manufacturers of coffee brewing equipment, the Wilbur Curtis Company.

Performance meets exceptional styling

The ThermoProX is engineered with all the advanced features of the renowned Curtis ThermoPro® brewing system. But it offers a new, sophisticated design and styling that adds immensely to the counter appeal of any operation. It has modernistic rounded corners, an elegant sloping top, slender side panels, plus a textured honeycomb front panel that will truly turn heads.

Brains behind the beauty

From a strictly functional standpoint, the ThermoProX is crafted so that operators can confidently brew and serve gourmet coffee at its peak freshness all day long.

Stainless-steel, vacuum-insulated servers keep coffee fresh, flavorful and at the perfect serving temperature without using external heat. With features like one-touch brewing, pre-set recipes and self-diagnostics, onboard Curtis G3 and G4 Technology make brewing Golden Cup coffee instantly simple, while keeping operators in control.

Server bases on the ThermoProX easily detach after brewing and reattach for remote coffee merchandising. This makes it easy to brew and serve multiple coffee flavor profiles at the same time. Servers are also interchangeable between brewers.

What’s more, with Thermal FreshTrac® (TFT) technology staff can monitor coffee freshness at a glance—from across the room. Its silent visual LEDs communicate coffee volume and freshness.

Available in single and twin brew head models, the new ThermoProX delivers exceptional styling, user-friendly operation and tremendous flexibility that every operator will appreciate.